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Optional Extras for the RMS Book Now Button


The RMS Book Now Button allows for many optional extras to be setup, these extras are not mandatory to complete and can be added at any time.


Each of the features below are specifically for the RMS Book Now Button.

Promo Codes

Promo codes allow you to advertise a specific rate or apply a set discount to your guets that jbook online.  This article will take you through the two options for using Promo Codes.

Booking Sources

How did the guest find your web page?  Elect which of your Booking Sources a guest can choose from when making their online booking.


Allow your guests to choose from a list of attributes to refine their search, For Example; Ocean View or Garden View.


Allow your guests to book optional extras like, Daily Papers, 1/2 Hr Massages, Champagne and Chocolates on Arrival......the list is endless.

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