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General Online Information


The fields shown on this screen, update your RMS Booking Page to display important information including your cancellation policy, your Star Rating, whether you allow group bookings online and much more.

First Step

From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Online Bookings from the list

Choose Options from the sub list

The screen will open to the General Tab

Second Step

Enter the appropriate information into the fields provided when complete select Save.

TIP: Only enter a Merchant Name if you have chosen to use your own payment gateway.

For a full breakdown of each field please see the information below;

Type of Property

For single properties this field should not be changed.

For multi property systems this field will be the name of the property you are setting up.

Availability Alert Email

Provide an email address whereby if we notice something incorrect with your availability we will email you.  This field is mandatory.

Booking Confirmation Email 1, 2 & 3

Provide up to 3 different email addresses where we will send confirmation emails to.  At leave one of the three must be provided.

Star Rating

Do you have a star rating? Enter it here, choosing from the drop down menu.

Star Rating Type

Who Rated you?

Merchant Name

This field should only have information entered if you have chosen to use your own payment gateway and should be the name of your bank account.

Max Child Age

If applicable enter what your property considers the maximum age for a child.

Max Infant Age

If applicable enter what your property considers the maximum age for an infant.

Use Release Back Today & Release Back Time

This allows you to enter a release back today at a set time.

E.g. Your office may close at 5pm, from that time no-one is onsite, you would tick this option and choose a time of 4pm, this way once your office is closed no one can book online tonight to arrive tonight.

NOTE: The time zone used will depend on the country you have told RMS9 you are running from.

Allow Group Bookings & Max Areas per Booking

Activates the ability for your guests to book more than one area online, if you choose this option you must then enter what you consider should be the maximum areas they can book in one online booking.

Sundry Charge + Fee Options

These check boxes allow you to pass on the online fees to your guests.  If you choose to do you you must select a sundry charge that will be used to charge the fees to when the booking drops into your RMS system.

CLICK HERE for a detailed article on how to pass fees forward to your guests.

Show Sold as Call

When you have no availability on any given day, that day will show the word Sold, if you prefer this to say Call, check this option.

Show Promotion Code

When you have no promotions for your Online Pages or you choose not to use them at all, check this option to hide the field on your online pages.

Redirection URL

Once a booking has been made there will be a button on the screen named finish, by entering a URL into this field the finish button will automatically take the guest to that address.

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