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Connecting the RMS Book Now Button Channel


Our channel management allows you to control which online channels you are connected to.

You have the ability to connect and disconnect channels at your leisure without having to contact RMS.

All available Channels are displayed ready for you to connect and each includes connection information and knowledge base articles to assist you with your connection.

Register with RMS Online

Before you can start taking online reservations with RMS Online Bookings and Channels you need to sign up for the basic module.

Click once on the link below to be taken to our Registration page, complete the questions and choose Submit.  Once done one of our sales team will contact you finalize your registration.


Getting to the Channel Management screen

From any screen within RMS9

Click once on Setup on the navigation bar

Choose Online Bookings from the list

Choose Channel Management from the sublist

Screen Overview

The Channel Management screen will display for you a list of online channels RMS currently interfaces with.

Those channels you have already connected with will show at the top of the list in alphabetical order and display an EDIT button to the right of the channel name.

Those channels you have not yet connected to will show below also in alphabetical order and display a CONNECT button to the right of the channel name.

The information column will supply extra information including if the channel also controls other pages or if the channel is current under development.

Connecting the RMS Book Now Button channel

Locate the channel named RMS Book Now Button and click the 'Connect' button to the right of its name.

A screen of information will appear on the right with instructions at the top on how to connect to this channel.

Assigning a Color - RMS recommends that this is done with each channel that you connect to.  By assigning a color to your channel you will be able to color code your booking chart to show the reservations on-screen made by each channel.

NOTE: Allotments do not need to be set in order for channels to see your availability, this is done within the step 'Activating your Categories', however if you wish to set allotments for your channels CLICK HERE to find out how.

Simply move the rate types you wish this channel to have access to, to the right hand column using the > or >> buttons.


Once you have entered the relevant information select Save then Exit.

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