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Online Bookings


This section of the setup controls the information that shows on your RMS Booking Page, the images that can be seen, your rates & availability, the colors of your RMS Booking pPge and more.


Provide details including your Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions, Property Features, Travel Directions and much more...


Upload photos of your room types and your property.

NOTE: Each photo must be an extension of JPG or PNG and cannot exceed 250kb.  There is no limit however to the number of photos you can upload.

Channel Management

Connect the channel RMS Book Now Button to your system.

Online Booking Colors

The RMS Booking Page is set to our default colors, this screen allows you to alter the color of elements on the page to better match your corporate colors.


Connecting the RMS Book Now Button Channel
Our channel management allows you to control which online channels you are connected to. You have the ability to connect and disconnect channels at your leisure without having to contact RMS. All available Channels are displayed ready for you to connect and each includes connection information and knowledge base articles to assist you with your connection.
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