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Category Settings for the RMS Book Now Button


The below steps will take you through the three setup elements required in the Category setup for the RMS Book Now Button.

First Step

From any screen in RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Category/Area from the list (please note you may have chosen to re-label this area your system may say RoomType/Room or something different)

Double left click the first category to edit

Entering a Long Description

The Long Description field is displayed under the category name on the RMS Booking Page, this description should tell your guests about the category including things like, if it has air conditioning, the view, does it include a spa, etc.


Setting a Max Occupants per Area

Enter the Maximum number of Occupants per Area as shown in the screen shot below.  This will ensure that your guests cannot book for more people than your categories can accept.

NOTE: Do Not enter information into the field named Max Occupants per Category.


Making your Categories Available to RMS Online

To give channels access to your categories (room types) you will need to edit each one in turn, tick the option 'Available to RMSOnline', then if you wish, enter a number of areas to hold from RMSOnline.

The option 'No Of Areas to Hold from RMSOnline' ensures that no online channel can book the last available area within a category.  RMS recommends that you leave this set to 1, however the figure can be changed if you wish to do so.

Where you only have 1 area within a category this number will be ignored.




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