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Quote Reservations from Channels


Quote reservations are created in your RMS system by RMS Online for the below three (3) reasons.

Your availability was down to the last room

........the property is booking this room at the same time as someone online.

When you are down to the final room the property will always win the allocation leaving RMS Online with no other option than to place a quote reservation in your system.

For this reason alone it is critical to always hold at least one room back from the online booking agent. This is done through the Category/Area screen in the Setup Menu, edit each category in turn and ensure that you are holding back at least 1 room.

Your Online Client is erroring

If your Online Client cannot perform a successful sync it cannot update your online agents with your current availability. Always ensure that your Online Client is not producing any errors. If it is please contact RMS Support immediately.

Third Party Agents book by Category

3rd party online agents book by category rather than room therefore what may appear to be an overbooking is actually not.

See the example below, Rooms 101 and 102 are in the same category, where you see the green boxes there is an available night.

If a client was to go to a third party web site to book your property E.g. Netroomz or Wotif these agents would see the below as available from 01/01/10 to 04/01/10, as by moving reservations in your system you could take a 4 night stay.


  01/01/12 02/01/12 03/01/12 04/01/12
101 Smith   Fuller  
102   James   Adams

How do you find a Quote Reservation in your RMS system?

Quote reservations are not allocated a specific room/site therefore they cannot be located on your booking chart.

To locate a Quote Reservation, go to your reservation search screen, choose to search by surname (this will automatically select the status of Quote for you).  Enter the surname into the search field then click once on the search button.

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this tutorial.

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