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Not receiving confirmation Emails

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No confirmation emails are being received by the property when a reservation is made online.


  1. If the booking is from a distributor web site you must contact that agent to ensure they have the correct email address for your property.
  2. If the booking is from the RMS Agent then please log a service request providing the correct email address. You may also check to ensure that your email is not placing the email into spam, the email address to check for is [email protected].

Support will forward this request to Administration to check that the email address is correct on the RMS server.

Once the check is complete the support member will process a test reservation to ensure the confirmation email is received by both yourself and the support member.

If the email is still not received at your property you will need to ensure that the email is not being blocked by an email/spam filter (if you are unsure how to check this you will need your technician to check this for you).

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