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How to switch to the new Wotsync Interface


RMS and Wotif will be releasing the new Wotsync Interface from 4 February 2013.

If you were using the Wotif Seamless interface with RMS prior to this date you will now need to switch over to the new Wotsync Interface.

This article will take you through the two (2) steps that you will need to complete to make the switch.

If you are connecting the Wotif interface for the first time please refer to the article 'Connecting Online Channels'.

Watch this short Video on How

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Re-linking your Room Types and Rates

From any screen within RMS9

Click once on Setup on the navigation bar

Choose Online Bookings from the list

Choose Channel Management from the sublist

Select the Edit button to the right of  your wotif Channel


  1. Add the letter W to the front of your Ref No
  2. Left click once on 'Connect to retrieve Categories (Room Types)'
  3. When your Retail Website Room Types are displayed, using the drop down arrows provided link the appropriate Room Type and Rate Type to each.
  4. When the linking is complete select Save then Exit

You have now completed the steps to switching to the new Wotsync Interface!

RMSOnline Client Sync

If you are a self hosted property you will now need to perform a Full Property Syncronize of your RMSOnline client to ensure that all changes are transferred to Wotif.

If you are unsure on how to complete a Full Property Sync please CLICK HERE for instructions.

If you are using RMS Cloud (meaning your database is hosted by RMS) please disregard this step.

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