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Wotif Information


Whether you are an existing Wotif customer or you wish to sign up with them, this article will take you through the steps to make the process of using the RMSOnline interface with Wotif easy!

Wotif Virtual Credit Cards

Wotif now have the ability to attach a Wotif Virtual Credit Card to a reservation in your system.

The Virtual Credit Card and Card Expiry will be primed in the Reservation Notes field.  The credit card number will still be encrypted in your actual database even though it is shown in this field.

Information on the payment terms and when the card can be processed will also be primed in the RMS Reservation Notes field.


NOTE: If you are using a payment gateway, the Virtual Card cannot be tokenized.  Instead you must enter the CC information into the receipt screen between the dates specified by Wotif and for the amount specified by Wotif.

Wotif Inclusions

For RMS Cloud customers, RMS is able to update the Wotif Inclusions for each of the Room Type/Rate entries that you have setup in your Wotif account.

To do this go to Setup > Online Bookings > Channel Management.  Edit your Wotif channel, select the Inclusions button at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: As RMS does not contain spell check, we suggest that you type out your inclusion text in Word then copy and paste into RMS.

Short Video on How to Connect

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The RMSOnline interface with Wotif allows you to control the following Wotif features direct from your RMS9 system;

What RMS sends to Wotif - Availability and Rates

Elements  Further Information Used with this Interface
Live Availability as per Allotments Your live availability (no greater than the allotment set) greentick.gif
Stop Sells Any Stop Sell Performed in the Tariff/Availability Chart greentick.gif
Minimum Nights Minimum length of stay set in the Tariff/Availability Chart redcross.gif
Maximum Nights Maximum length of stay set in the Tariff/Availability Chart redcross.gif
Rate Amount Nightly Rate from the Tariff/Availability Chart greentick.gif
No. of Guests included in Rate Number of guests the base rate covers. redcross.gif
Additional Rates Rate for additional guests above what is included in the base rate File:System_Status/greentick.gif
Rate Description Tariff Type description in RMS redcross.gif
Currency   redcross.gif
Email Notifications   Confirmation is sent by Wotif

What Wotif provide for Reservations

Element Passed in from Wotif Relevent field in RMS Used with this Interface
Guest Surname Surname greentick.gif
Guest Given Name Given greentick.gif
Address Address1 redcross.gif
Town/Suburb Town redcross.gif
State State redcross.gif
Postcode Postcode redcross.gif
Country Country redcross.gif
Phone Mobile greentick.gif
Email Email redcross.gif
Adults Adults greentick.gif
Children Children greentick.gif
Infants Infants redcross.gif
Arrive/Depart Arrival and Departure dates greentick.gif
Category Category (Room Type) greentick.gif
Travel Agent Online Agent greentick.gif
Total Rate Total Rate for Stay greentick.gif
Rate Type Description of Rate greentick.gif
Special Notes Res Notes greentick.gif
Number of Rooms Used for Group reservations redcross.gif
Unique ID from Third Party Provider   greentick.gif

Existing Wotif Customer

To enable the Wotsync interface you will need to make contact with your Wotif Property Manager.

When Wotif have activated your property follow the instruction in the article 'Connecting Online Channels' to connect your RMS system to Wotif.

Signing up with Wotif

To become a supplier with Wotif, click on the link below then click on the link 'Submit a regitration request today'.

When Wotif have activated your property follow the instruction in the article 'Connecting Online Channels' to connect your RMS system to Wotif.

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