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Entertainment/My Bookings - Coming Soon


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Sign Up Process

If you wish to connect to Entertainment/My Bookings click here https://www.my-bookings.com.au/Register.aspx

Once done you can connect to Entertainment/My Bookings in RMS9 by following the instructions in the article "Connecting Online Channels"

Greetings from the My Bookings team!


Entertainment Publications, publishers of the popular Entertainment™ Books, offers your hotel the opportunity to reach a highly sought after consumer group of 560,000 customers based in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  


Entertainment™ Books are available in 22 major cities in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  Entertainment™ Members are highly responsive, travel-oriented and eager for us to expand our current Hotel Accommodation offerings. Through the secure and interactive Entertainment website, you can reach this closed end user market with no up-front fees. 


Control and regularly update your hotel’s rates, promote special packages, and yield manage your inventory on a short or long term basis through My Bookings™, our exclusive accommodation booking site, one of Australia’s leading accommodation websites – we work with over 1800 hotels.


With the My Bookings website, you can also:


  • Reach a travel and leisure oriented, closed end user group of 560,000 Members across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, comprised primarily of couples and families.
  • Take customer bookings up to 365 days in advance of their travel dates.
  • Receive full payment directly from the customer at the time of the booking.


Partner with us – register here!


Take a tour – see what our Members see


I invite you to view a demonstration of the site to view the website as a Member would. Login using the details below:


Username:         mybookingstest

Password:           Entbook


The Entertainment™ Hotel Program


  • We are an exclusive, Members-only website. We offer our Members 10% off  the lowest rate available to the general public (subject to availability).
  • 5% commission for bookings.
  • 85% of the room revenue goes back to your hotel.
  • Rates are subject to your availability and not down to last room availability.
  •  Receive payment directly from our 560,000 travel-oriented Members in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • The commission is billed after the guest has stayed, monthly basis.


Partner with us – register here!


You’re in great company


Our current partners include Mantra, Crown Towers, Hyatt, BEST WESTERN, Rydges, and Oaks, just to name a few.



logos (3).jpg


Please contact me if you have any questions at all.


Kind Regards,


Fernando D. Arias

Hotel Division Manager – AUS & NZ

M  0413 164 000   |  D  +61 3 9815 4400





Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty Ltd

Melbourne  |  Building C2, 192 Burwood Road, Hawthorn  VIC  3122, Australia

P  (03) 9815 4400  |  F  (03) 9815 3122 |  E  [email protected]

W entertainmentbook.com.au my-bookings.com.au  |   frequent-values.com.au



Existing Entertainment/My Bookings Customer

You will need to contact Entertainment/My Bookings to advise of your intention to connect to RMS. To do this email Fernando D.Arias [email protected]

When Entertainment/My Bookings have activated your property follow the instructions in the article "Connecting Online Channels" to connect your RMS system to Entertainment Book.


Important Information

Please note that reservations will drop into RMS with a 10% member discount.

The additional guest charges are charged by the hotel but included in the total confirmation price.

Please add the username into the Hotel id field.


The RMSOnline Interface with Entertainment Book allows you to control the following Entertainment Book features direct from your RMS9 system:

What RMS sends to Entertainment/My Bookings - Availability and Rates

Elements  Further Information Used with this Interface
Live Availability as per Allotments Your live availability (no greater than the allotment set) greentick.gif
Stop Sells Any Stop Sell Performed in the Tariff/Availability Chart greentick.gif
Minimum Nights Minimum length of stay set in the Tariff/Availability Chart File:System_Status/greentick.gif
Maximum Nights Maximum length of stay set in the Tariff/Availability Chart greentick.gif
Rate Amount Nightly Rate from the Tariff/Availability Chart less 10% member discount greentick.gif
No. of Guests included in Rate Number of guests the base rate covers. greentick.gif
Additional Rates Rate for additional guests above what is included in the base rate redcross.gif
Rate Description Tariff Type description in RMS redcross.gif
Currency   redcross.gif
Email Notifications . Confirmation is sent by Entertainment Book

What Entertainment/My Bookings provide for Reservations

Element Passed in from Entertainment Book Relevent field in RMS Used with this Interface
Guest Surname Surname greentick.gif
Guest Given Name Given greentick.gif
Address Address1 redcross.gif
Town/Suburb Town redcross.gif
State State redcross.gif
Postcode Postcode redcross.gif
Country Country redcross.gif
Phone Phone AH redcross.gif
Email Email redcross.gif
Adults Adults greentick.gif
Children Children greentick.gif
Infants Infants greentick.gif
Arrive/Depart Arrival and Departure dates greentick.gif
Category Category (Room Type) greentick.gif
Travel Agent Online Agent greentick.gif
Total Rate Total Rate for Stay greentick.gif
Rate Type Description of Rate greentick.gif
Special Notes Res Notes greentick.gif
Number of Rooms Used for Group reservations greentick.gif
Unique ID from Third Party Provider   greentick.gif


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