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Booking.com Information


Whether you are an existing Booking.com customer or you wish to sign up with them, this article will take you through the steps to make the process of using the RMSOnline interface with Booking.com easy!

Sign Up Process

CLICK HERE to be taken to the Booking.com Sign Up Process.

Important Information

Booking.com have the ability to both cancel and modify reservations made through their web site.

If a cancellation is made a Booking.com Cancellation email will be sent to your property from [email protected].

If a modification is made to an existing Booking.com reservation, the original reservation will be cancelled and a new reservation made in its place, when this occurs a Booking.com Modification email will be sent to your property from [email protected].

** Booking.com do not recognise children/infant rates or additionals - please contact Booking.com to add this in their supplier page



The RMSOnline interface with Booking.com allows you to control the following Booking.com features direct from your RMS9 system;

What RMS sends to Booking.com - Availability and Rates

Elements  Further Information Used with this Interface
Live Availability as per Allotments Your live availability (no greater than the allotment set) greentick.gif
Stop Sells Any Stop Sell Performed in the Tariff/Availability Chart greentick.gif
Minimum Nights Minimum length of stay set in the Tariff/Availability Chart File:System_Status/greentick.gif
Maximum Nights Maximum length of stay set in the Tariff/Availability Chart redcross.gif
Rate Amount Nightly Rate from the Tariff/Availability Chart greentick.gif
No. of Guests included in Rate Number of guests the base rate covers. redcross.gif
Additional Rates Rate for additional guests above what is included in the base rate redcross.gif
Rate Description Tariff Type description in RMS redcross.gif
Currency   redcross.gif
Email Notifications When a reservation is received via Booking.com RMS will send the confirmation email to your property. Confirmation is sent by RMS
Days Before Release   redcross.gif

What Booking.com provide for Reservations

Element Passed in from Booking.com Relevent field in RMS Used with this Interface
Guest Surname Surname greentick.gif
Guest Given Name Given greentick.gif
Address Address1 greentick.gif
Town/Suburb Town greentick.gif
State State redcross.gif
Postcode Postcode greentick.gif
Country Country redcross.gif
Phone Phone AH greentick.gif
Email - Created Anonymously by Booking.com (See Below) Email greentick.gif
Adults Adults greentick.gif
Children Children redcross.gif
Infants Infants redcross.gif
Arrive/Depart Arrival and Departure dates greentick.gif
Category Category (Room Type) greentick.gif
Travel Agent Online Agent greentick.gif
Total Rate Total Rate for Stay greentick.gif
Rate Type Description of Rate greentick.gif
Special Notes Res Notes greentick.gif
Number of Rooms Used for Group reservations greentick.gif
Unique ID from Third Party Provider   greentick.gif


Please be aware that Booking.com can and will pass through cancellations and modifications as they are made from their online booking site.

Booking.com Guest Email Addresses & FAQ

Booking.com are providing two features to create an even more secure and convenient method to communicate directly with Booking.com guests.

Effective 21st April 2015, guest email addresses will be made anonymous in order to provide an extra level of security. Regular email traffic between clients and guests is still possible, the difference is that the identity of clients and guests will be protected.


In addition, clients will also be able to actively start the conversation via their extranet. Under each reservation you will find a button which allows direct e-mail communication with future guests.


Below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. Why does the email address of the guest look strange?
A. The email addresses partners see is an anonymous email address. This is a randomly created, but connected to the actual address of the sender and receiver.  
Q. How long is the anonymous email address valid?

A. Until 2 months after check out. As soon as the partner receives the reservation, they can start communicating with guests. Please note that every reservation will generate a new anonymous email address for partner and guest.
Q. Can a partner use their anonymous email address for any other purposes?

A. No, the anonymous email address will only allow communication between a partner and a specific guest.
Q. Will the guest see the accommodations partners’ real email address?

A. No, the guest will also see an anonymous address which is linked to the partners email address. 
Q. Do we support all types of attachments send via the anonymous email addresses?
A.  The most common we do; word, excel, pdf. We do not support .exe, .bat, com and zip files.
Q. How does the guest receive the message if the partner uses the extranet communication feature?
A. Since the anonymous address is linked directly to a regular email account, the guest will receive the message in his/her regular inbox. 
Q. How long is the Extranet Communication option valid?
A. Until 2 months after check out. As soon as the partner receives the reservation, they can start communicating with guests.


Booking.com Credit Cards
Booking.com have now created new opt-in functionality to accept reservations without credit cards for same day bookings made after 4 pm. Reservations are limited to a one-night stay and this option is only offered if your hotel has three (3) or more rooms available with Booking.com at the time of booking.   Contact your Booking.com account manager to find out more!
Booking.com Instant Promo Mapping
The process for mapping promotional rates via Booking.com has been improved.
Booking.com Newsletters
This article gives you access to our Booking.com newsletters outlining changes incorporated to our interface.   Date Information Newsletter Link February 2014 Reservations with no CC details or guest's addresses 7-digit Hotel ID's View
Booking.com Sign Up Process
This article will take you through the Booking.com Sign Up Process with RMS!


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