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Booking.com Sign Up Process


This article will take you through the Booking.com Sign Up Process with RMS!


Go through the following steps to complete your Booking.com Sign up process;

The Process

1. Contact your Booking.com Account Manager to communicate your intention to connect via XML.


2. The Booking.com team will activate the 'XML Connections' link on the Booking.com extranet.

3. Start your XML signup process via the 'XML Connections' link on the Booking.com extranet shown below;



4. Select 'RMS' as your provider and 'Two-way Reservation & Availability' as your Connection Type;


5. To complete, accept the Booking.com XML terms and conditions;


6. Your property will receive an email from Booking.com advising RMS must confirm your connection request


7. RMS will receive an email with your property & connection information, and will confirm your connection


8. Once this is completed you will receive an email confirming your property is ready to connect with Booking.com


9. You will now need to complete your connection to Booking.com in RMS9, open the below article for the steps on how to connect your RMS system to Booking.com


10. You must access the Booking.com extranet and activate the XML connection using the link in step 8


11. You will receive an email advising you have activated the connection.  Rates and Availability must now be pushed.


12. RMS will receive an email and push Rates & Availability to Booking.com

13. Process completed.  You have now directly connected your RMS database to Booking.com.


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