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Balancing your RMS Online Payments


If you have chosen to use the RMS Payment Gateway for Bookings from your Website, as reservations are dropped into your RMS system receipts are created automatically on the reservation account for the deposit taken.

These receipts are placed as a receipt type of Direct Credit and are dated according to when the reservation was created in your system.

Along with the above expenses are also created onto the Travel Agent Commission account for RMS.  These expenses are created in order to reflect the correct amount that will be paid into your account by our accounts department.

Each receipt and expense is created against the user named RMSOnline.

Daily Balancing

To balance your cash transactions report daily, you should ensure that under the users option on the right of the build screen that you choose all specific users excluding RMSOnline.  Then balance as normal.


Balancing RMS to your Weekly Online Payment

When you receive your Tax Invoice via email from the RMS Accounts Department you will need to build the Cash Transaction report from the correct date range, only selecting the User RMSOnline.

This will show the list of receipts and expenses that have been created into your RMS system by the online interface.

The grand total of this report should balance to the total of your Tax Invoice.


If at any stage the Tax Invoice received does not match your Cash Transactions report please lodge a service request stating the specific information that is incorrect for prompt attention from your Primary Support Person.

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