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Availability Management for Channels


This article will explain how allotments are calculated to send availability through to your chosen online channels.


Allotments were once a set and forget function, however today limiting availability to channels for specific dates or rates is now becoming the norm.

As of July 2013, RMS has removed the calculation of adding or subtracting allotments which overlap for the same room type.  Instead we now take the set allotment number from the smallest date range.

Allotment Calculation Changes to be Released July 2013

This short video will explain the important and fundamental changes to allotment calcuations to be released July 2013

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Availability vs Allotment

What is the difference when we talk about Allotment and Availability?


An allotment is the maximum number of rooms that a Channel can book for a specific room type on any given day.


Availability is the physical number of rooms that are available to be booked for a specific room type on any given day.

The RMS Rates/Availability Chart shows the allotment (number in blue) and the availability (number in green) for every day.  These numbers can change depending on the availability view that you have chosen to see in the bottom left hand corner of the chart.


How are Allotments read?

If you have chosen to use either Default Alltments or Channel allotments for your online Channels (click HERE for an explanation of these allotment types) you would be entering your allotment numbers into a screen like the below.

In this example, we have set a Permanent allotment to the Channel for 3 K room types, however we have also set an allotment from 19 June to 21 June of 6 for the same room type.

Allotment Caculation Old.jpg

Using this example below is a grid of what the allotment would be set to daily in your Rate / Availability Chart.

Room Type 18 June 2013 19 June 2013 20 June 2013 21 June 2013 22 June 2013 23 June 2013 24 June 2013
K 3 6 6 6 3 3 3

RMS will look at the allotment with the smallest period to decide which allotment number to show.

How is Availability calculated?

When calculating availability for a channel on a given day there are many elements to consider;

  • The number of reservations for that day
  • The number or maintenance bookings for that day
  • Whether you have chosen to hold rooms back from RMS Online
  • Is there a stop sell applied

The green number on the Rate/Availability chart will display the physical number of available rooms in each category for the 'Availability View' you have chosen to see.

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